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Because trail running is so much more than just excercise…

As you’ve probably experienced, running can be so much more than a means to staying physically fit. It can feed your soul, obliterate a bad mood, help you cope with stress and much more.

So don’t let illness, injury or lack of time or energy ever keep you from the trails.

I invite you to experience trail running, combined with the latest research and advice about the power of mindfulness, yoga and healthy food as the backbone of optimal health.

After this retreat, you’ll know how to run better with less effort, have more energy throughout the day, always be motivated and more resistant to stress.


I believe that running should feel easy and effortless. It shouldn’t hurt, compromise your immune system or deplete your energy. But if ill managed, it can do just that.

I know this is because I’ve been there.

Over the course of my 25-year running career, I’ve dealt with all types of injuries, periods of discouragement, exhaustion, or extreme busy-ness that kept me from doing the one thing that had always made me so happy and healthy.

To escape from this vicious cycle, I spent the past two years immersed in the science and psychology of stress, exercise and their effects on our mental and physical health.

What I learned was astounding. My research taught me that running can be a GOOD stress that can actually counteract the harmful effects of all the BAD stress in my life.

As a result of this work, I experienced the major life shift that inspired this retreat. Here’s just a sampling of what I experienced and will do everything I can facilitate for you:

el running cropped.small

Running and wellness coach Elinor Fish

  • Be able to run farther and faster with less effort
  • Have a calmer, clearer mind and increased productivity
  • Experience high-quality sleep on a consistent basis (no more 3 a.m. ceiling-staring!)
  • Improved digestion while running and at every meal
  • More consistent energy all day long (decreased reliance on stimulants)
  • A calmer temperament and more joyful state of mind
  • Less mental stress and physical tension

And I’m really no different from you…

So how did I shut down the stress and become fitter and healthier than I’ve been in a decade?

The one thing that I did was make a commitment to being a runner. But that didn’t mean training harder. It meant being smarter and taking a more holistic view of how running serves my life at this present moment. And you can, too.


At my last few retreats I’ve had the honor to meet amazingly strong and courageous people for whom running is far more than exercise. While I’m a huge fan of the running’s effect on my physique, what fascinates me is the its more profound gifts.

Here are three stories of past retreat participants who inspire me beyond belief:

Kandice was a stay-at-home-mom who, now that her young son was in grade school, wanted to attempt her first ultramarathon, but wasn’t sure if she had what it took to run farther than 26.2 miles. The retreat gave her confidence boost she needed to finish her first 50K race, so much so that she promptly ran her first 50-mile race! After that, she went to create the business she’d been dreaming of for some time: getting paid to exercise peoples’ dogs by taking them running.

Julia came to one of our retreats just a few months after her husband had died of prostate cancer. She was looking for a little adventure to lift her spirits, fresh air to cleanse her spirit and the boost of energy that came from just honoring her grieving process, which she knew running facilitated. Her optimism and positive outlook infected the rest of the group and had a lasting impact on her healing journey.

Diane was quiet when she first arrived at our retreat. She soon revealed that she had stopped running a year earlier to become the primary caregiver for her 23-year-old son who had been paralyzed in a car accident. With us she found the motivation to resume running and again enjoy the camaraderie, stress relief and happiness it brought to her life.

If you want to get more from your running in any capacity, then this retreat is for YOU.

The Run Your Way to Optimal Health program incorporates the latest understanding in the link between diet, mindfulness and physical activity that many of you have been asking me about.

Using this information, I created this retreat to take you from stuck to flowing, from too tired to  always energized, from chronically injured to astoundingly durable and from bored to exhilarated.

maroon bells aspen

Come trail run on some of the iconic trails around Aspen, Snowmass and Carbondale, Colorado.

Who Is Run Your Way to Optimal Health PERFECT For?

  • Those looking to rejuvenate your running routine or kick start their motivation
  • Those who want to run more but have trouble finding the time, energy or motivation
  • Runners who want to eat healthier without investing a ton of time and money
  • Those who want to gain control of stress, stop feeling overwhelmed or burned out
  • Those looking for the right balance between exercise and rest
  • Those who want to learn about how diet affects energy, recovery and running performance
  • Those wanting to try trail running for the first time
  • Those looking for a retreat experience centered around the outdoors instead of a spa

So what EXACTLY Is the Run Your Way to Optimal Health Retreat?

The Run Your Way to Optimal Health Long Weekend, hosted in Carbondale, Colorado, is a four-day immersion in all aspects of health and nature in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Our lectures, cooking demos, guided group runs and lively discussions will change your approach to running and recovery.

Over four days, the Long Weekend retreat covers the aspects of mental and physical running training that most running coaches don’t follow. Rather than log miles, heart rate and per mile pace, we focus on the quality of our attention, the sensation of the trail under our feet, the rhythm of our breath and movement of air in and out of our lungs.

You’ll also come away with these key lessons that you can continue to practice:

  • How to run longer, farther, faster with less effort
  • How to find your ideal running form
  • How to use running as the ultimate tool for daily managing stress
  • How food aids in workout recovery, energy levels, weight and stress management
  • How to cook delicious, plant-based meals the whole family will enjoy
  • Discover the meditative quality of running in nature and how to replicate that feeling at any time (even in the office!)
  • The value of balancing movement with stillness through yoga and intro to meditation

The retreat package includes:

  • Four guided trail runs near Carbondale, Aspen and Snowmass.
  • Cooking demo about creating nourishing, delicious meals
  • Personal running form and efficiency assessment
  • Two stretching and lengthening yoga classes for runners
  • Introduction to the practice of movement meditation
  • Presentation: Good stress vs. bad stress and what it means for you
  • Presentation: Running made easy and how form influences efficiency
  • Picnic lunch on Friday and Saturday
  • Dinner on Saturday

Click here to see the full itinerary.

 Group at Lost lake

But once the retreat is over, I want to continue supporting you on your path to optimal health, which is  why I’m including 6 months FREE membership to the Run Wild Inner Circle group coaching program after the retreat.

The Run Wild Inner Circle is a member-only group featuring exclusive online content and monthly group coaching call during which I answer your most pressing questions, drawing from my ongoing research and 25-year running career.

Members of the Run Wild Inner Circle have access to exclusive content, recipes and training tips one topics such as:

  • Principles and practice of Mindful Running.
  • Recipes and techniques for cooking healing meals and portable energy foods
  • “Sustainable” running training for preventing burnout, overtraining and injury

The Run Your Way to Optimal Health Long Weekend retreat is the escape you’ve been looking for. Let me address some common questions:

  • If you’re wondering if you’re fit enough to keep up on the run, or how far the training runs are, I’m here to assure you that you run at YOUR pace. Everyone is divided into three smaller pace groups, each with its own leader, so you can always stay within your comfort zone. Or, if you want, step it up a notch and try running a little further or faster, all within a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. You don’t need to keep up with anyone else and NOBODY is left behind! Our daily runs range from four to 12 miles, and it’s common (even encouraged!) that we hike the hills or tricky terrain.
  • I’ve compiled the very best research and teachings of my long running and coaching career and deliver it to you in one amazing long weekend. This is more than just a “learn to trail run” retreat. I’m granting you permission to put your self care and your goals first. I care about your health and what motivates you, so my intention is to offer you ongoing support for as long as you need it.
  • Previous four-day retreats, which cost $1300, were limited by the number of lodging rooms available. While the small, intimate groups were great, I wanted to make this year’s more accessible and affordable to more runners. So for the first time ever, I’m able to offer this high-value retreat for just $697.
  • PLUS, my coaching and your learning doesn’t end when the weekend’s over. The Run Wild Inner Circle supports you on your ongoing quest for happy and healthy running.
  • What to find out more? Click here for the full retreat itinerary, or here for FAQ such as recommended places to stay, packing list and more. Please don’t wait to invest in your health. Take this opportunity to come away to this beautiful place, run some sublime singletrack, eat great food, stretch your body, calm your mind and have a lot of fun with a great group of like-minded people.



I hope you’ll join us!

Happy trails,


Questions? Contact me here:

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  2. I LOVE your creative ideas Elinor. Looking forward to keeping in touch about these retreats and maybe getting to meet you in person some day. Keep going! You’re doing powerful work in the world.

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