I believe that running should feel AWESOME.

Not only that, but running should give you energy. Take away the stress, calm your body and energize your body. Refresh your mind and give you a sense of clarity and focus you can’t get any other way.

If it doesn’t, then something’s off.

I’ve made it my mission to cut through the clutter and crap about how to run, fuel your body, train for a race or recover from a workout. You’re far too busy to count calories, measure VO2 max, chart every mile and time every interval.

I get it: you just want to run and feel good doing it. And you should!

That’s why I carefully curate the latest knowledge of health and fitness so you can simply enjoy doing what you love and get the most from the experience.





The health benefits of running are far reaching and well documented. The evidence is clear that running is one of the most easily accessible, effective and long-lasting health-promoting activities available.

Even if you don’t consider yourself “a runner” but are looking to get a handle on your stress, I’ll get you on a path of wellness that includes running, nourishing food, mindfulness, rest and recovery.

benefits of running

It matters less to me how long you’ve been running or what your half-marathon PR time is. What does matter is what role running plays in your life, or what role you want it to play.

How do you want to feel, when you’re running or just in everyday life? Do you want to make changes that will improve your health, make running feel easier so you can get faster, do a marathon, or are you getting started in running from scratch and want to do it without getting injured?

Together we’ll make sure you train smart to reach your goals, stay healthy and make sure that running serves you the best way possible.

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